Calligraphy Competition TIIAF 2013


Please download the contest form here :

1- Calligraphy Competition ( International Category )

2- Calligraphy Competition ( National Category )


2013 is the third edition of the Islamic arts festival held at Taman Tamadun Islam and its second edition held at international level. The second edition entitle “Terengganu International Islamic Art Festival 2012 (TIIAF 2012) which was held on 14 – 17 September 2012 received positive respond from the state government of Terengganu and State Economic  Development of Terengganu as well as from Malaysian and international calligraphers.

Inspired by the theme “Devotion to Islamic Art…”, the 2013 edition will highlight the Islamic art and calligraphy at it best and will attract all Islamic art practitioners and lovers from all over the world. The festival will be held on 15 to 17 November 2013.

TIIAF 2013 will feature the calligraphy competition at national and international level and will be participated by the experienced calligraphers from within the country and abroad. The festival also feature the seminar and workshop which will be conducted by the world renowned calligraphers. Batikhat competition and Islamic musical performance will be conducted to show the varieties of calligraphy based product and it will have its own uniqueness as compare to the previous edition.

TIIAF 2013 surely will be the event to be remembered by calligraphy lovers and practitioners in their endeavour to promote the Islamic art and calligraphy to the world.


Intended competitors should:

  1. Fill the Registration form which may be obtained from the Secretariat or download from our website,
  2. The completed registration form should reach the secretariat before 24 October 2013.
  3. The secretariat shall notify the acceptance to the competition via post or email.


Datelines for The Calligraphy Competition TIIAF 2013 is as follows;

  • Announcement of the  Competition :                                               15 July 2013
  • Last date for registration :                                                              24 October 2013
  • Last date for submissions to reach the Secretariat :                    24 October 2013
  • Jury Meeting :                                                                               30 October 2013
  • Expected date of announcement of competition result :               4 November 2013


Style (Thuluth & Nasakh)

The composition may be horizontal, circular or elliptic dispositions. The nib of pen should be at least 3 – 7 mm wide, for thuluth and 1 -3 for nasakh.


The works to be submitted to the competition may be composed and written in the traditional way with a reed pen, in conformance with the classical rules. Classical ink should be used in order to reflect the movement of the pen and the flow of the ink.

Basic of Evaluation

The works shall be evaluated only from the viewpoint of Calligraphy quality. Illumination, gliding, border or glazing are not required and will not be considered by the jury. However, a border consisting of one or two lines may be drawn in black ink around the text. Entries which do not follow the conditions automatically will be disqualified.

Competition text:

Surah Al-Alaq

  1. Basmalah & verse 1 – 5 (Thuluth)
  2. Verse 6 – 16 (Nasakh)
  3. Verse 17 – 19 (Thuluth)

The plates shall not carry any name, mark or impression which may indicate or disclose the identity of the calligrapher.

The colour of the plates shall be off-white or lite colour and works must be written in black or red or brown or blue or green combination of all colours mentioned.


The jury of the Competition consists of the following experts who are renown in the field of Calligraphy:

Members of Jury

  • Mr Hassan Chelebi, Master of Calligraphy (Head of Jury), Turkey
  • Mr Dawood Bektash, Expert of Calligraphy, Turkey
  • Mr Adnan Sheikh Osman, Lecturer of Calligraphy, Syria
  • Mr Ziyad Al-Muhandis, Expert of Calligraphy, Iraq
  • Mr Efdaluddin Kilik, Expert of Calligraphy, Turkey
  • Mr Ferhad Kurlu, Expert of Calligraphy, Turkey
  • Mr Mumtaz Durdu, Expert of Calligraphy, Turkey
  • Mr Shreen Abd El Saber, Expert of Calligraphy, Egypt

Coordinator to the Jury

  • Mr Ahmad Zafuan bin Dato’ Embong, Malaysia

PRIZES (International Category)

A total of USD20,000 has be allocated for the winners of the competition at the international category

  • 1st award :                                              USD 5,000
  • 2nd award :                                            USD 3,000
  • 3rd award :                                             USD 2,000
  • Incentive Prize :                                   USD 1,000 ( x 10 winners )

Top 3 winners shall be invited to attend the festival with traveling, accommodation and food expenses paid by the organizer. Consolation winners shall be notify via post.

Judges decisions are final and no appeal accepted.

All works submitted to competition shall be the property of TTI Management Sdn Bhd. TTI Management Sdn Bhd reserve the right to publish or reproduce all the art works submitted without prior notice to the competitors.


The Competition Secretariat is establish under the TIIAF 2013. For the purpose of the competation, all correspondence may be addressed to:


Terengganu International Islamic Arts Festival

TTI Management Sdn. Bhd.

Taman Tamadun Islam, Pulau Wan Man,

Losong Panglima Perang, 21000

Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia.

Phone: +609-627 8888    Fax: +609-630 9020

Website:    Email:

Any inquiries please contact:

  1. Mr Khalizan Mahmud    H/P : +6013-2626061
  2. Mr Zafuan   H/P : +619-9776499

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