Nama Pasangan

tulisan khat fahmi-sharina

One Response to “Nama Pasangan”

  1. abd rashid cayongcat rashid Says:

    Assalaamu Alaikum Abdul Baki Abu Bakar: Allah swt has gifted you with this special talent, skills and specialised knowledge as a means to know each other because we are all servants of Allah swt. This is a remarkable test between you and me. Your Emaan and my Emaan are tested against each other for Allah swt to see which one of us holds with firm hand to the command of Allah that His gift will be used to disseminate/propagate His Words. You are now in my FB Page as your launch pad to use this God-given knowledge for His Pleasure first and foremost and your interest second. My FB Page has huge number of friends maybe tens of thousands around the world, Allah knows best, (visit abd al Rashid cayongcat to believe), mind you, never you will finish reading it the whole day and the Islamic knowledge is flowing endlessly with the help of Allah swt and everybody the believers of Islam, scholars, muftis, students, and contribute their ideas. Isn’t that amazing Brother Abdul Baki. Now Brother Abdul Baki, in the name of Allah swt and His religion, can you make logo for this page. Logo: Amr bil maroof wa nahi anil munkar with English translateration (enjoin the good and forbid the evil). As I write to you with this request, we are three: you and me and Allah swt is our Witness. It is all up to fulfil your duty to Allah swt and this is one of them. Wassalam! Awaiting your kind reply. Abdul al Rashid Cayongcat Global Peace Research and Book Services Org.


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