Munib Obradovic

Munib Obradovic

Born in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina-1971, he graduated from Faculty of Engineering of Dzemal Bijedic University in Mostar – 2000
During aggression on Bosnia 1992, while he was watching at Islamic calligraphy of damaged mosques, he was attracted to this art.
1998 when he came to Cairo, he accomplished calligraphy art in Khalil Agha School, and studied calligraphy with Master of Calligraphy Khudair  Al Borsaidi.
Mouneb Obradovic is producing works in the styles of jali thuluth, thuluth, nasih and jali diwany, according to the classical approach.
His pieces of calligraphy have entered museums and special collections.


3 Responses to “Munib Obradovic”

  1. Bukhari Says:

    MasyaAllah ustaz..bertuah dapat berkenalan dengan khattat terkenal ini..ana teringin untuk bertemu dengan ktatat2 terkenal dalam dan luar negara

  2. ac4u Says:

    Greeting and welcome to Algeria any time!

  3. zee Says:

    what is the price range of Munib’s work? thanks

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