99 Names of Allah

I just completed writing 99 names of Allah for decoration in the Masjid Ar-Rahmah located on the ISLAMIC SOCIETY OF BALTIMORE, 6631 Johnnycake Rd. Baltimore, USA. The calligraphy will adorn the surrounding buildings is made ​​in the thuluth type with square shape and the measures is 28″x 28″ are provided in vector file formats. I would like to thanks to my friend MR. Rehan Alavi who has entrusted to me to write the calligraphy for the mosque. Hopefully the production will go smoothly so that it will complete properly.

28 Responses to “99 Names of Allah”

  1. NUUN Says:




  2. FM Says:

    Tahniah ustaz, kagum 🙂

  3. abu utbah.m.2410 Says:

    ajibtu,ma ajmala.mg harumlah nama nama ALLAH d sluruh dunia d tgn anak melayu sik.afwan

  4. cobatulisc Says:

    ustadz, can i get another asmaul husna kaligrafi

  5. Baki Says:

    cobatulisc, pls email to me… we will discuss about that. bakibkr@yahoo.com

  6. Mohd Idzham Says:

    Assalam ustaz..macam mana nak dapatkan 99 nama ALLAH ni..ustaz jual ke?

  7. Baki Says:

    Waalaikumussalam. Mohd Idzham.
    Boleh email kepada saya kalau berminat. Size yang ready sekarang agak besar 7kaki x 4kaki.

  8. abdulhadi Says:

    Salaam aleykum

    Please send me large pdf files of 99 Names of Allah each one separately.


  9. yasir Says:

    Bana Allah’ın 99 isimleri ayrı ayrı her birinin büyük pdf dosyalarını gönderin.

  10. ceren onder Says:

    Salaam Aleykum,

    Please send me large pdf files of 99 Names of Allah. each one separately. cerenonder@hotmail.com

  11. Donny Richard Says:

    Do you have all the 99 names of Allah in vector format. Can you email them to me. Please.

  12. Donny Richard Says:

    I have someone who wants the 99 names of Allah laser engraved and I am having the hardest time finding it in beautiful calligraphy with both Arabic and English Translation. If I could get them from you, it would be greatly appreciated. Please email me donrich@cebridge.net. Are they all separated or is it one file. I need them in vector format. Is there a money charge for them. You would make my day. Thanks greatly.

  13. Paolo Rovati Says:

    Dear Sir good morning.
    I’d like to know if it is possibile to have the Names of Allah in calligrapy (each one alone), because I have the project to realize Them with Swarovsky crystal .
    Grazie per la collaborazione .

  14. Ridwan Says:

    Assalamualaikum uztad, boleh kah saya juga di kirimkan 99 nama Allah dalam bentuk vector, saya butuh untuk keperluan tugas dari university. email saya bkmc_studio@yahoo.com
    Terimakasih uztad.

  15. Mohammed Faizulislam Says:


    Wonderful…. Can you please send me pdf / vector files of 99 names of Allah. Jazakh-Allahu-Khairyun
    email: mdfaiz72@hotmail.com

  16. amyoies Says:

    Assalamualaikum uztadz,jika berkenan mohon juga saya dikirimmkan 99 nama Allah dalam bentuk vector ke om.amyois@gmail.com
    Jazakumullah ahsanal jaza

  17. rafeeq Says:

    Great can u pls email to me rafeeq.nk@gmail.com

  18. Murtaza Says:

    Hi, I’m Murtaza from Mumbai
    I want to make something in Laser Etching which requires all the names of Allah in Vector.
    If you may continue the good deed you’ve started and email it to me at creativeguy52@gmail.com

  19. aysha nausheen Says:

    assalamu alaikum,

    could please mail me Asmaul Husna in ai. or pdf formats-as in each name separately or as a whole but in vector format so i can use it in my :)own design to create a painting for my house. jazakallah khayr 🙂

  20. HarisDizdarevic Says:

    Assalamu alaykum,

    Is it possible that you provide for me an pdf, vector or photoshop file of the 99 names of Allah? I need it for a da’wa project in Bosnia.

  21. Gokmen Saban Karci Says:

    Are you able to email these in any vector form. I would love to use it to teach my child the names.

  22. elkurny Says:

    salam ya ustadz,… jika diperkenankan bolehkah saya minta file asmaul khusna tersebut?…
    jika boleh, mohon kirim ke email saya. elkurny.awan@gmail.com.
    Terimakasih sebelum dan sesudahnya…. Semoga bisa terus berbagi kebaikan ya ustadz…

  23. Gokmen Says:

    Can I please have the vector files too

  24. Junne Says:

    Im junne. May i have d pdf file of 99 names of ALLAH..syukran jazillan

  25. Elham Chkelli Says:

    For the longest time I have been searching online for the 99 names of Allah in beautiful calligraphy for a personal project. Is it possible for you to email them to me in vector format please. I would greatly appreciate it. JazakAllah khayr on your beautiful work.

  26. nur fadhilah Says:

    asslm encik…boleh saya dapatkan 99 nama ALLAH dalam bentuk vector?..

  27. Baki Says:

    Boleh hubungi saya di 0193932947 jika berminat

  28. azam Says:

    assalamualaikum…bolehkah saya dapatkan softcopy asmaulhusna ni dalam pdf/vector? ini email saya

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