Thuluth & Nasakh

Masyaq khat nasakh dan khat thuluth

3 Responses to “Thuluth & Nasakh”

  1. Waleed Karajah Says:

    Nice Tholoth AbdolBaqi , Nasakh I think you didn’t take full info. about from Hazim Farhan (Abu Haider) right ?? you should see quaed dear brother AbdolBaqi you r wonderful in Tholoth but Nasakh I hope you review ur info about please ?
    best wishes

  2. Baki Says:

    InsyaAllah Ustaz Waleed i’ll try to improve my nasakh..

  3. Saufiyahhuda Says:

    salam…nak tanya,,,boleh tolong tuliskan design bagi khat naskh bagi ayat ” universiti kebangsaan malaysia ” syukran….

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